What Is Health To You ?

IMG_9514To some it means not being sick , some say it`s being able to do what they want to do.

Some equate health with energy and some say health is a long life.

To me , health is not just the absence of diseases, but it also means a life full of energy and vitality .

Drinking fresh juices,created with organic fruits & vegetables and practicing yoga on a daily bases , empowers me to live life fully , energetic and hopefully it helps me to inspire others.

I just feel closer to everything , more online, by fueling my body and mind the right way .

Love & Peace



The Power Of Still

IMG_9155You can be still and still get things done :)

There can be a temptation to confuse stillness with doing nothing and somehow no longer pursuing external goals in life.

The good news for those keen to enjoy both serenity and success is , that being still does`t mean you become idle, quite the opposite in fact.

When you are inwardly aware of stillness, your mind quietens and you naturally experience clarity, intuition and creativity.

You enter a heightened state of being , that many athletes or artists know very well as ” the zone ” or ” flow ” , in which you are present and your thinking mind is out of the way .

From the ” here and now ” and with a clear mind , you will be amazed at what can be accomplished.

Personally , that`s where I am when I teach my yoga classes and treat my clients – by being still through present moment attentiveness, I find the right words and feel my way into the other persons energy .

From this inner state of silence within your conscious awareness you remain calm and on top of every challenging situation .

Love & Peace




The Time Is Now

IMG_8572Notice what you have

Many people only ( or mainly) notice what they feel is missing about themselves or in their lives .

How come that one thing is worthy of all the attention  over all the things you did get right ?

Shift your focus of attention now on what you have , what you`ve achieved and what you enjoy and more will follow.

Don`t compare

Your strength , your successes, the lovely things and people in your life are no less , because someone else has more.

Someone else always has more. That`s pretty much a given .

The autopilot response is often to think that our good stuff isn`t that good when we notice that someone else has more. Yet I`m sure you admire many people who aren`t world champions.

Because being the best is irrelevant to being worthy of pride or admiration.

Don`t be a victim

We can all think of times when we did our best and things still didn`t go to plan .

We can all think of situations when circumstances or other people made our life harder.

This is not unique to any of us. Yet it can be easy to fall into the trap of using these people or circumstances as an excuse for why we don`t get our act together and get on with whatever we know we need and want to achieve .

Who`s in control of your life then ? Take control and see how you can improve things. Where could you take more responsibility ?

Don`t wait for others to :)

Peace & Love IMG_8636


IMG_8335Finally I`m back on track and have a lot of things to share with you :)

First of all I would love to offer you some simple relaxation techniques which can be used when – and wherever :)

Breathe Soften the belly and bring your awareness to the breath. The body responds immediately. The wave of breath  begins to flow into all parts of the body.

Relax Full breathing automatically initiates relaxation. In order to deepen this effect you can consciously relax your facial muscles , your jaw , your neck muscles , your belly.

Feel Begin to actively investigate the wave of feeling generated by this relaxation. Where in your body do you feel sensation, energy , movement ? Observe. Move towards the sensation and feelings , rather than away from them.

Watch As your thoughts quieten down  and you enter more fully into your sensations, you may notice a witnessing awareness beneath or ” inside ” your experience. Allow yourself to identify with this Witness . The Witness stands at the center of the experience and is able to be with the experience , the sensation , the feeling, but not overwhelmed by it.

Allow Allow the wave of feeling to wash through you. No need to block anything. It will not destroy you . It will not hurt others. Stay with it . It`s safe – stay with yourself :)

Love & PeaceIMG_8683


Make An Effort

IMG_6834See the positive side , the potential , and make an effort .

- Dalai Lama -

Even though I`m a yoga teacher, I still find it easy to fall into negative thinking.

Having negative thoughts playing out like a movie causes only pain, some thing I`ve experienced many times throughout my life.

Negative thoughts drain you of energy and keep you from being in the present moment.

The more you give into these negative thoughts, the stronger they become.

One small negative thought can turn into a huge , speeding ball of ugliness.

On the contrary , a small positive thought can have the same effect , blossoming into a beautiful outcome.

So here are a few suggestions of how to change your perspective :

Breathe deeply , meditate, do yoga and surround yourself with positive people.

Whatever helps you to quieten and relax your mind, will give you the opportunity to be in the moment and offers you the possibility to move towards a different perspective .

Create habits that make you feel good, stick to them and enjoy the little happy moments in life :)

Love & Peace



IMG_6588This morning I came over a wonderful resonation about perception I want to share with you :)

Where an adult may see a mistake

a childlike heart will only see

a particular way that doesn`t work

and where an adult may find a reason for anger and frustration

a childlike heart will see it as funny and enjoy a good laugh.


A childlike heart will even see a reason to laugh for no reason at all.

Such a person is already in heaven :)

Love & Peace


Peak Performance

IMG_6179….. is only possible with the right fuel .

I`m talking about your physical and your mental performance.

- Eat simple , seasonal and nourishing foods, including an abundance of fruits and vegetables.

Smooth , juice , prepare giant bowles of salads with everything you fancy in it .

- Get your vitamins and minerals from whole foods

- keep nutritious to-go-snacks, like nuts and dried fruits with you at all times

- stay hydrated – don`t wait until you feel thirsty – fill up with water , coconut water , fresh green juices

The most important thing is , that you always listen carefully to your body , increase your sensitivity , your sensibility and trust yourself on finding your own individual way to take care of body & mind .

Your brain – and body cells are just waiting for you to find out, in a playful way – every day – what kind of fuel you need right now – be your own expert – learning by doing will lead you down the right path :)

Love & PeaceIMG_6097

April – Organically Observe Your Energy

IMG_6072As a yogi you are naturally drawn to healthy foods,

yet responding to negative emotions and living in a hectic world can lead to reaching for processed


Make this month fun , healing and simplistic :)

- Eat unprocessed , organic whole foods whenever possible

- Have a break from meat

- Replace oils and butter with coconut oil

- Drink warm water with some fresh lemon slices first thing in the morning and continue drinking as much water as possible

throughout the day ( ca. 2 litres )

- Get as much green into your body as possible

- Capture good fats with nuts and avocados

- Have health beaming alternatives to sugar filled desserts , for example raw chocolate ice-cream : blend frozen bananas

with raw cacao powder and agave nectar

- Fill yourself up on homemade soups , smoothies and freshly pressed juices

Love & Peace


To All The Dreamers Out There

IMG_5697Do you believe in your own potential and that there is much more to you than meets the eye ?

If so , you are a dreamer :)

A dreamer is a person who`s not afraid to challenge society`s norms and not afraid to tread their own path rather than the well-trodden one.

A dreamer is someone who is always willing to take a chance and always asks why before doing something which others do blindly.

A dreamer is a person who has a great futuristic picture , which they work to achieve at all costs .

Dreamers are world changers :)

Dreamers chart their own course and destiny.Dreamers are always striving to be the person they were meant to be and are not afraid to be different.

I believe that everyone of us is born unique in every way, but over the years we work very hard to become like everybody else.

Society`s commonsense tells us , that that is the way to go.

Unfortunately commonsense is not always good-sense.

It`s just common.

If you are a dreamer you can not afford to work on society´s assumptions and standards.

You have to be unique!

A lot of people spent a long time on getting an education, so they can have that perfect job and earn a huge salary.

Unfortunately for most, the perfect job and the huge earnings never materialize and in the meantime they have lost touch with the very people, they are working so hard to provide for.

Yet few ask themselves whether there is a better way , they blindly follow what they have always been taught.

Love & Peace



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