IMG_8335Finally I`m back on track and have a lot of things to share with you 🙂

First of all I would love to offer you some simple relaxation techniques which can be used when – and wherever 🙂

Breathe Soften the belly and bring your awareness to the breath. The body responds immediately. The wave of breath  begins to flow into all parts of the body.

Relax Full breathing automatically initiates relaxation. In order to deepen this effect you can consciously relax your facial muscles , your jaw , your neck muscles , your belly.

Feel Begin to actively investigate the wave of feeling generated by this relaxation. Where in your body do you feel sensation, energy , movement ? Observe. Move towards the sensation and feelings , rather than away from them.

Watch As your thoughts quieten down  and you enter more fully into your sensations, you may notice a witnessing awareness beneath or ” inside ” your experience. Allow yourself to identify with this Witness . The Witness stands at the center of the experience and is able to be with the experience , the sensation , the feeling, but not overwhelmed by it.

Allow Allow the wave of feeling to wash through you. No need to block anything. It will not destroy you . It will not hurt others. Stay with it . It`s safe – stay with yourself 🙂

Love & PeaceIMG_8683