IMG_8572Notice what you have

Many people only ( or mainly) notice what they feel is missing about themselves or in their lives .

How come that one thing is worthy of all the attention  over all the things you did get right ?

Shift your focus of attention now on what you have , what you`ve achieved and what you enjoy and more will follow.

Don`t compare

Your strength , your successes, the lovely things and people in your life are no less , because someone else has more.

Someone else always has more. That`s pretty much a given .

The autopilot response is often to think that our good stuff isn`t that good when we notice that someone else has more. Yet I`m sure you admire many people who aren`t world champions.

Because being the best is irrelevant to being worthy of pride or admiration.

Don`t be a victim

We can all think of times when we did our best and things still didn`t go to plan .

We can all think of situations when circumstances or other people made our life harder.

This is not unique to any of us. Yet it can be easy to fall into the trap of using these people or circumstances as an excuse for why we don`t get our act together and get on with whatever we know we need and want to achieve .

Who`s in control of your life then ? Take control and see how you can improve things. Where could you take more responsibility ?

Don`t wait for others to 🙂

Peace & Love IMG_8636