IMG_9155You can be still and still get things done 🙂

There can be a temptation to confuse stillness with doing nothing and somehow no longer pursuing external goals in life.

The good news for those keen to enjoy both serenity and success is , that being still does`t mean you become idle, quite the opposite in fact.

When you are inwardly aware of stillness, your mind quietens and you naturally experience clarity, intuition and creativity.

You enter a heightened state of being , that many athletes or artists know very well as ” the zone ” or ” flow ” , in which you are present and your thinking mind is out of the way .

From the ” here and now ” and with a clear mind , you will be amazed at what can be accomplished.

Personally , that`s where I am when I teach my yoga classes and treat my clients – by being still through present moment attentiveness, I find the right words and feel my way into the other persons energy .

From this inner state of silence within your conscious awareness you remain calm and on top of every challenging situation .

Love & Peace