IMG_9683Living with integrity means considering which action would give you happiness.

What feels natural and right?

If something feels wrong for you personally ( assuming that you are not resisting it out of laziness or fear ), you probably shouldn`t do it .

And sometimes the right choice is the one that gives the deepest pleasure.

Your sense of integrity has a lot to do with feeling that you are contributing to the world .

Your motivation to help others , to inspire , to be the best person you can be  – these desires can help you to stay true to yourself.

The deepest form of integrity comes from being in contact with the Self , our spiritual core.

Different traditions call it different names : the heart , the higher self , Tao , the true self , Buddha , nature , ….

Yoga practice gives access to that part of ourselves which is the true source of right action.

So , at the end of the day , it´s through our connection with that inner core that we discover our true integrity as human beings .

By taking time every day to practice yoga, relaxing the mind and the body , respecting your feelings and learning to treat yourself well , you will start to treat other people in your life better.

Love & Peace